Cheshire Horsefly rediscovered in Cheshire

During 2018, the Tanyptera Trust's North West Invertebrates project commissioned a survey of two horseflies in north-west England: Cheshire Horsefly (Atylotus plebeius) and Broad-headed Horsefly (Hybomitra lurida). These species are known from moss and bog habitats in the Cheshire Plain, but neither had been recorded since the 20th century.

Following targeted survey work by Andy Grayson, and the addition of records from the Dipterists Forum 2018 summer field meeting based in Staffordshire, Atylotus plebeius was found at three sites in Cheshire, an excellent result for this species that in Britain is entirely confined to the Cheshire Plain region.

A detailed report of the survey is now available to download from the Tanyptera Trust website.

Cheshire Horsefly report