Excellent new field guide to (most of the) soldierflies and allies

Front cover of Field guide to flies with three pulvilliIn September 2022 an English version of this Dutch guide was made available:

It covers seven of the 11 families in the soldierflies and allies. The families that are not included are Asilidae (robberflies), Bombyliidae (bee-flies), Scenopinidae (window-flies) and Therevidae (stiletto-flies). Within the seven families that are included, all UK species are covered, with only genus Hybomitra being treated differently to the UK checklist (see full review for further details).

A full review has been published in the Bulletin of the Dipterists Forum.

I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in soldierflies and allies. It works well as a stand-alone field guide for UK use, and complements the well-known Stubbs and Drake British Soldierflies book really well. Thanks to Theo Zeegers & André Schulten, and translator Nick van Wouwen, for making it so accessible to English speakers.