Newsletter 9 now available

Our latest newsletter is now available. Unfortunately it was not possible to produce a newsletter in 2022, but having skipped a year we are back for 2023.

New identification guides for Villa bee-flies and Haematopota horseflies

page from Villa bee-fly identification guideTwo new identification guides have been added to the website today, one covering the bee-flies in genus Villa, and the other for horseflies (or clegs) in genus Haematopota.

Newsletter 8 (spring 2021) now available

Newsletter 8 coverHead over to the Newsletters page to read the latest issue: includes rearing soldierflies from larvae; Pygmy Soldierfly laying eggs in tufa habitat; notable record highlights; species to l

New identification guides available

Two more identification guides have been issued, covering horseflies (deerflies) in genus Chrysops, and robberflies in genus Dioctria.

Bee-fly Watch 2020: latest results

The latest results for 2020 are on the Bee-fly Watch results page. Lots of Bombylius excitement available, including:

  • Will 2020 be another record-breaking year for the total number of bee-fly records?
  • Which bee-fly has just emerged ridiculously early?
  • Which counties are topping the records league tables?

Newsletter 7, spring 2020, now available

The latest Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme newsletter is now available. It includes latest scheme news; getting started with soldierflies; finding larvae of the Pine Black soldierfly; Bee-fly Watch update (including the establishment of the Anthracite Bee-fly in Britain).

County lists now available

A new page on this website provides a summary list of all species record in all vice-counties. You can use the filter boxes to search for a particular species and see all the counties where it has been found, ot search for a county and see all the species recorded there.


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