Identification guides for soldierflies and allies

Latest news: see below for the new guide to horseflies in genus Hybomitra, added in August 2023 

Robberflies (Asilidae)

Bee-flies (Bombyliidae)

Snipeflies (Rhagionidae)

Soldierflies (Stratiomyidae)

Horseflies (Tabanidae)

Image of example page from the identification guidesThe guides are only possible thanks to the generosity of the brilliant photographers who have allowed their images to be used. Special mention must be given to Malcolm Storey (via BioImages) and Steven Falk (via Flickr), whose photo collections form the backbone for most of the species guides. Many other photographers have also contributed images and are acknowledged in the guides.

As far as possible, these guides show features that can be seen on live insects in the field, or are likely to be visible in photographs. They are intended as a supplement to, rather than a replacement for, the comprehensive identification keys and species accounts in the ‘soldierflies bible’: British soldierflies and their allies, by Alan Stubbs and Martin Drake, published by BENHS.

We would be very interested to receive any feedback on how well these guides work, and suggestions for how to improve them, or offers of additional photos that would fill a gap or add a clear view of a particular identification feature. Please contact Martin Harvey.

Many thanks to the following people for providing photos and/or advice:

  • Ab H Baas
  • Allan Burrows
  • Andrew Green
  • Andy Grayson
  • Arnold Wijker
  • Bj.schoenmakers
  • Chris Sellen
  • David Basham
  • David Gould
  • Dick Belgers
  • Geir79
  • Geoffrey Foale
  • George Tordoff
  • Henk Soepenberg
  • Ian Andrews
  • IronChris
  • James Emerson
  • Jane Adams
  • Jane Thomas
  • Janet Graham
  • Jeremy Early
  • Jeremy Richardson
  • John Bingham
  • Judy Webb
  • Kate Nightingale
  • Kevin McGee
  • Malcolm Storey
  • Martin Cooper
  • Martin Harvey
  • Neil Marks
  • Nigel Jones
  • Paul Kitchener
  • Peter Andrews
  • Richard Dickson
  • Rob Petley-Jones
  • Rob Wolton
  • Robin Williams
  • Silvie Herault
  • Simon Knott
  • Stephen Boulton
  • Steven Falk
  • Sue Taylor
  • Teresa Frost
  • Tim Hodge
  • Tim Worfolk
  • Tony Davis
  • Will George