Identification workshop, London, 5 January 2019

We are running another workshop in the popular BENHS series: An introduction to Soldierflies and allied groups. This will be held at the Angela Marmont Centre in the Natural History Museum in London. For full details see the BENHS website.
Soldierflies and allies (including robberflies, bee-flies, horseflies and others) include some of our largest and most colourful insects. Some are easy to find whereas others require dedicated searching, but these flies are within reach of anyone with an interest in insects. Using the extensive NHM collections we will use microscopes and keys to give you experience in recognising this group of flies and learning how to identify them. You will find out how to take part in the soldierflies and allies recording scheme, and where to go for further help and identification advice.
This course is suitable for beginners with an interest in insects, as well as more experienced entomologists who wish to develop their knowledge of this group. (Please note that most of the day will focus on using specimens and microscopes.) Handouts will be provided. The course will be led by Martin Harvey and Alex Dye, who run the national recording scheme for soldierflies and allies.
Please bring any specimens of your own that you wish to work with (optional). Further specimens and microscopes etc. will be available at the museum. Bring lunch with you, or use the nearby café.
This workshop is free but you must book a place in advance by contacting Mr Stephen Lings, BENHS Indoor Meetings Secretary (07854 793681).
A previous BENHS workshop
A previous BENHS soldierflies workshop