Soldierflies and allies at the 2018 Dipterists Forum workshop, Preston Montford -

This is the annual workshop meeting for Dipterists Forum at Preston Montford FSC, Shropshire. This year soldierflies and allies are one of the groups being covered.

“This advanced workshop tackles two Diptera groups, Anthomyiidae (flower flies) and some of the larger Brachycera (soldierflies and allies). The larger Brachycera include many charismatic species popular with recorders but, despite their large size and colourful appearance, not all are easy to identify. The more tricky species, for example among horseflies, robber-flies and stiletto-flies, are the focus of the workshop. Anthomyiidae (flower flies) is a family of about 240 species of dark bristly flies whose larvae are mainly miners in plants but also in dung and fungi. They include some very common species but are often ignored owing to a reputation for being difficult to identify. New keys and excellent illustrations place them well within the capability of more experienced entomologists.”

Sessions will be lead by expert members of the Dipterists Forum. For full details and bookings go the Field Studies Council website.

Course brochure