Brilliant new field guide to robberflies

A fantastic new book on robberflies has been published: Field guide to the robberflies of the Netherlands and Belgium, by Reinoud van der Broeck and André Schulten. An English-language version is available, and the guide covers all the British species with excellent photos and illustrations at a very reasonable price. For more details see the publisher’s website; I don't think it is possible to order copies for the UK direct from that site, but the guide is now available from the usual UK entomological booksellers.

Two things to note for UK use: the guide does of course include a number of species that are not known from the UK, and the guide uses the genus Tolmerus for some of the species that we include in genus Machimus (e.g. the common UK Machimus atricapillus is Tolmerus atricapillus in the guide).


Field guide to robberflies of the Netherlands and Belgium