Records updated on NBN Gateway

The Biological Records Centre has recently updated the soldierfly records from iRecord onto the National Biodiversity Network Gateway website. To see the details go to the summary page for this dataset, or click on the map image below to see the overall coverage map. 

Many thanks to all have contributed records, all of which help us expand our knowledge of the flies in this group and monitor changes in their distribution.

The link to NBN is a great feature of iRecord, as it ensures that the records verified by the scheme are passed on to the Gateway without me having to do anything extra. But the link isn't fully automated, and there is a time lag, so the latest update includes records I'd verified up to the beginning of June. And of course it is only the records from iRecord - spreadsheets and other data sources are in the pipeline but take longer.

NBN species-richness map
NBN map showing coverage and species-richness of the iRecord records